£200.00£400.00 / team excludes 20% VAT


We have ensured you can enjoy the experience on your terms. Choose to enter 1 of 4 team categories, mens, womens, mixed or walking. For each of the categories you can choose either a fully catered option where drinks and food are included in the entry price for your team or a non catered option where teams can purchase food and drinks at the festival village independently. Companies can enter multiple teams across each of the categories. If entering one team the person registering becomes the team captain and will organise their team accordingly using the links we provide. If registering more than one team the person registering becomes the company captain and will register the number of teams and nominate team captains. These captains will then source participants for their teams using the links we provide.

Team Registration For More than 10 teams

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Only fill this if more than 10 teams otherwise kindly place your order via website.