How To Participate

ForCorporate Relay is a series of 5km relay races across UK cities. In 2024 we begin in the iconic cities of London (The Olympic Park) and Manchester (Media City) in Sept with three more cities lined up for 2025 and more for 2026.

Step 1: Team/Corporate Captain Checkout for the event

Choose a event you want to attend and pay for the whole team either by credit/debit card or the amount can be paid by invoice later.

Step 2: Team/Corporate captain Registers Their Team

Participant paying for the event becomes Team Captain and if they register for more than 1 team they act as Corporate Captain. Once team/corporate captain has paid for the event they receive a Order confirmation email which contains the Team registration link.

The Team/Corporate captain needs to nominate their team captains (applicable if they paid for more than 1 team) or 5 participants (including themselves) to complete their team of 5 participants

Only for Corporate Captains. As each team requires 5 participants. You need to nominate your team captains accordingly who will then nominate 5 participants in their team.

Step 3: Participant Completes Registeration

All the noimanted participants or team captains will received their nomination email containing the registration link. After this all nominated participants needs to complete their individual registration. 

Step 4: Team Is fully registered for the event

The team will be fully registered for the event only after all the participants have completed their registration.

Other Information

Points Scoring



We encourage teams to wear their own team T shirt. You can design your own or we can help. All our T-shirts / vests are made from recycled plastic bottles & Bamboo. Around 10 plastic bottles were recycled in order to make the top layer of the vests. The bottom layer next to skin is carbonised bamboo fabric which keeps the vest soft and wicking for the life of the garment. Many of our products use Bamboo fabric, made from fibres that have been harvested from bamboo plants. One of the softest and eco-friendly fabrics on the planet.

Medals : We design and create own wooden medals. By creating our own medals here in the UK, we reduce the carbon footprint of the transportation, packaging and production incurred with the mass production of metal medals. For events with metal medals, we use
predicted entries to order the exact amount required, this helps to reduce waste where possible whilst still ensuring we have lots of new and fun designs. As the wood used is either PEFC or FSC certified these are all fully recyclable and only made to orde